Sasha Ovsankin

I am professional software engineer, passionate about building things so that other people enjoy using them.

My recent interests are:

  • Improving user experience and relevancy of outbound communication as part of LinkedIn Messaging Experience Team,
  • Using Scala for greater productivity in Big Data applications (see my talks on Scala-by-the-Bay 2014 and Cascading Meetup),
  • Agile Machine Learning (see my talks at QCON-SF and Silicon Valley Codecamp),
  • Developing highly interactive applications, mostly in Java, web, client-side and embedded,
  • Leading teams and companies into efficient and sensible software development process that produces results,
  • Tools and methods to help the above happen,
  • Media management and collaboration products.

My LinkedIn profile is at . Like everyone else, I also use Twitter and Facebook. Please drop me a line at