Bristle template: when you don’t have time to do your Moustache

Usually I generate my pages with Velocity. Recently I had a project where even implementing Velocity was not worth the time. I tried both MessageFormatter and StringTemplates and both had problems with some portion of HTML/Javascript markup.

So I did what we, engineers always do in this situation: run your own. Good news, it took just over an hour and I ended with a single very small file. It  can only variable substitution but that was enough for me. Here it is:

The best part: it has no dependencies so you can just copy file into your project and template away.

Of course you can Maven just as well:

            <name>codebistro-open repo</name>

Microframeworks are popular these days. This thing doesn’t even qualify to be called micro- or even nano- but I got a feeling I am going to use Bristle template in the future…